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THE JAM HANDY  •  2900 E. Grand Boulevard  •  Detroit, Michigan 48202
The Jam Handy, now one of Detroit’s most unique event venues, was originally the headquarters and film studio of the Jam Handy Organization, that once had an extensive presence in multiple buildings along E. Grand Boulevard. Founded in 1932 by Henry Jamison “Jam” Handy, an Olympic medal winning swimmer, the Jam Handy Organization was probably best known for producing the first animated version of the new Christmas story Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer directed by Max Fleischer. As its core business, Jam Handy produced an astounding over 25,000 instructional films (many for the automotive industry and over 7,000 for the US Armed Forces during World War II).  The Jam Handy Organization ultimately ceased operations in the early 1970’s.

Our Special Musical Performer – THE KAT BEAL BAND

Our first introduction to Kat Beal and the Kat Beal Band was when she was referred by another local artist to be one of three bands performng at the Great Lakes VegBash last August in Ann Arbor. Our team was immediately starstruck by her soulful, flawless vocals.  Her performance received much acclaim at this event. Little did we know at the time what a rising star she was not only locally but on the national music front. Her music, that combines both elements of rock and roll and country, is adored by her fans. Kat is expected to make a major career announcement in her appearance at this event.  For those of you that are not familar with the Kat Beal Band, we have included some of her music below.
Kat Beal
Blue Velvet Eyes
Detroit Son Rise
Break Me
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